Thinking And Doing. The Internet’s New Age Of Business – Ariel Alberto Moncalvo

July 26th, 2016

Título del Libro: Thinking And Doing. The Internet’s New Age Of Business

This book discusses the setting in which digital business will develop while analyzing both the internet’s history and evolution and digital consumer and website behavior up to the present.

It examines how businesses begin to look inward, at our past and at the very essence of our culture and diverse other cultures. What are the successful characteristics companies have and will have in the oncoming age of the Internet? What are the factors that will guide businesses towards the future, and what can executives do to identify opportunities? The author recommends considering a possible strategy that is going to gain prominence in the next few years: “cultural e-marketing”, a strategy that will allow companies to compete internationally as they enjoy the full advantages of worldwide diffusion and technological application while catering to the cultural identity of local markets.He explains why organizations should incorporate a “creativity department” into their structures (and we do not mean graphic design) and discusses how to face obstacles and turn fears into organizational learning.In addition, he presents practical elements such as a guide to developing business plans, a glossary with the most frequently used terms, examples, practical cases and tools for entrepreneurs to tackle this world of changes: “The New Age of Internet”.

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