That’s The Way It Is – Carlos Alfredo Saavedra Weise

November 19th, 2018

Título del Libro: That’s The Way It Is

It is a collection of aphorisms conceived in the simple language of the man in the street, of the peasant, of the craftsman, with an extraordinary conceptual depth, so that complicated literary displays, the ethereal imaginative flight, are not really necessary at the supreme hour when the irrefutable truths must be told.

First in Alpha and now in That’s the way it is, the human quality of Carlos Saavedra Weise convinces us of that search, that commitment may by that tireless thinker who contributes to the creation of a new society inhabited by better men. This work of profound truths bring back to us a deep living sense. Each aphorism is the fruit of a rich experience of acquaintance with the nature of the Being and with the essence of life.Reading That’s the way it is is light yet profound. It induces the mind into a refreshing bath of intellectual improvement as it raises us to a universal and eternal atmosphere. It is an encounter with one’s self it is submerging in the search for the authenticity and the identity of the self that treasure that leftBuried in an ocean of indifference. Carlos Saavedra Weise knows, as a result of his long meditations and his sleepless nights, that material happiness is short lived, like an image in a mirror as in spectrum. That is why as a writer, he commits himself to transcendental, moral and spiritual values which launch us in literary capsules, full of beauty and strength which fill our existential emptiness.There is only one message in That’s the way it is: freedom, freedom to be one’s own Self. By daring to read this work, we do away with the old man within us, referred to by Saavedra Weise during the presentation of his book Alpha: “We are people coexisting with modem instruments”.

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