The Circles Of Truth – Cristian Liur

October 6th, 2018

Título del Libro: The Circles Of Truth

The circles of Truth invites courageous souls to find themselves. This novel is the doorway of something much bigger; it’s the prelude of what might be the fulfillment of all the longings of real Truth seekers, of all those that don’t believe just because, all those avoiding imposed dogmas and deeply-rooted conventions and any other mental manipulation; but they do feel a burning flame inside which provokes them to restlessly search for the knowledge about mysteries of life.

Catherine, an educated and exceptional woman, of deep spiritual convictions, with an interior force that causes envy and admiration which has led patiently her children by paths of righteousness and truth; she has shared with them and with other people new points of view or extraordinary knowledge on Jesus, the most written figure along the history, or on God, the creator of the universe; she knows that the time has come to deal with other matters, and it will be her own decision and the mystery that surrounds it, which stimulates Roberto, her youngest son and professional journalist, an unstoppable search that will run parallel to his exciting, secret and risky journalistic investigation on the Templar, Rosicrucian order and Masons, and that will lead him to find, to know and to spread unsuspected truths, far beyond his initial aim.
“The Circles of the Truth” it is not a usual novel, where its author tries to merely expose his fantasy with beauty, his creation of prominent figures interlaced by its stories and circumstances, but where, besides it, he really manages to treat thoroughly and to give new solutions to the deepest questions on which men constantly interrogate themselves. And Cristian Liur obtains it by embarking the reader in an adventure of increasing expectation that joins reader and book in an indissoluble bow that cannot break while there are pages left for reading.
But the best of all, the most important thing, is not that the protagonist reaches his search with unsuspected finds or maybe being a victim of a deep disappointment, nor that the author solves satisfactorily the raised plot, but it is the own reader who can initiate from the end of this novel its most exciting adventure, leading it to discover personally the Truth on each of these questions that man and woman cannot avoid. The truth will not stop being transitory at last because again and again, without any limit of time or space, circumstances or contents, may be extended.

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