Empowerment Through Coaching, A Strategy For Leaders – J.d.roman

April 14th, 2018

Título del Libro: Empowerment Through Coaching, A Strategy For Leaders

What are the fundamentals to consider when we aim at empowering our reports. Is coaching a suitable approach?

As a manager, I am responsible for the proper fulfilment of the tasks detailed in my job description. One of those tasks has to do with people management, as in the end, they are the ones that actually will perform most of the operative tasks. In order to achieve it, we, as leaders, can opt whether for ordering and controlling our people or for empowering them. That empowerment can be achieved thru a proper use of coaching techniques. However, in order not to self-deceive, there are a certain rules to be followed, as well as a series of traps to be avoided. That´s what we propose to explore in this book, the rules and traps of a coaching process

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